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Methodist Healthcare

"We have been partnering with Superior DataWorks since 2005 and we have always trusted their team to meet our marketing research needs. Whether we require assistance with an online, phone or mailed survey, they are always prompt, professional, accurate and proactive. We really appreciate their flexibility with our ever-changing needs and helping us meet our strategic goals and objectives."
~ Cori Grant, MS, MBA

Homewood Suites by Hilton
"We have seen dramatic increases in both customer and employee satisfaction since utilizing Superior DataWorks."
~ Frank Saitta
Choice Hotels International
"I've always had great success when I've worked with Superior DataWorks. Each project is always done thoughtfully, efficiently and professionally. On my last mystery shopper project, they really added value to the research by including insights that another vendor might not have noticed."
~ David Ginsburg
International Paper
"Superior DataWorks was fast, efficient, economical, and creative in their work for International Paper. In helping us improve customer service, they gave outstanding customer service and support. I highly recommend Superior DataWorks."
~ Rick Carpenter
Hilton Hotels
"We have used Superior DataWorks for over five years conducting surveys, shopping calls, and data collection. The team has been creative in developing unique solutions to our data needs as well as rapidly completing the projects on-time, and on budget."
~ Bill Petschonek
Choice Hotels International
"Thank you for all of your efforts to successfully complete the second annual U.S. Franchisee Survey. In completing comprehensive interviews with over 1,000 of our hotel owners and general managers, you have provided our Board of Directors and senior management invaluable insights for strategic planning. Thank you for the many hours and much thinking devoted to ensuring the accuracy of the results."
~ Catherine Shaw


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Halo Effect - Problem that arises in data collection due to the tendency to be influenced by a single positive or outstanding trait in forming an overall favorable evaluation.

Halo Error - A type of rating error that occurs when an employee receives the same rating on all dimensions regardless of his or her performance on individual ones.

Histogram - Form of bar chart on which the values of the variable are placed along the X-axis and the absolute frequency or relative frequency of occurrence of the values is indicated along the Y-axis.

Hit Rate - Measure used to assess the results of a discriminant analysis by measuring the proportion of the objects that were correctly classified by the discriminant function(s) in the group to which they actually belong.

Homogeneity - A type of rating error that occurs when a rater gives all employees a similar rating regardless of their individual performances.
Hypothesis Testing - Statistical procedures that allow researchers to use sample data to draw inferences about the population of interest.